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Lisacars has a professional (yet lunatic) video producer Kyle from GT MAG SA that does the greatest video reviews and visual work for us!

He covers the cars we have, the cars you want -and the cars you're going to want!
You see anything you like and Lisacars will find it for you!

We've got The Right Stuff! Please take a look and enjoy!

All-new Toyota Urban Cruiser Full Review South Africa - Kuk Brown But Brilliant!

Lisa Cars Promo

Mahindra MAFIA Karoo, the BEST INDIAN FOOD and HOW MUCH South Africa and India are alike | Review

World's BEST 4x4? VOTE NOW while watching this Toyota Land Cruiser get stuck

JAC T6! Chinese Bakkie Revolution?

VTEC! Honda Civic classic is driven and reviewed

118 kw of japanese Royalty!

Top 10 Coolest Cars in South Africa Right Now

A stellar list we say! What say you? GT MAG - Car Show for Kings and Africa’s SOUL car review. Hosted by Kyle from GT MAG.

They say you get what you pay for.

But, is South Africa's most affordable car worth the R145k? Let's take a look...

Freshest VW Polo in SA? Royalty Bru!

Check out this frrrresh 2013 VW Polo for just R109,900 - primed to customise son! https://lisacars.co.za/car/vw-polo-1-...? LisaCars - the right car at the right price!

Top 5 Coolest Road Tripping Cars!

There are so many brilliant road tripping cars. Literally we could have chosen from a list of hundreds! Still though, these 5 are epic no matter what way you look at it. Now here's another sick road tripping car just for you https://lisacars.co.za/car/porsche-boxter-987-2/

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