As a recent customer at Lisa bank Kempton Park I'd like to extend my gratitude at the excellent service I received from the entire team. Not only are they highly efficient but tremendously professional and head and shoulders above their competitors in used cars in Joburg. I sent a request on Lisa bank was the first to respond,  the first to gain approval on my behalf from banks and available for me as I navigated their broad range in the weeks I dealt with them. Cheryl continuosly and patiently explained every step and kept me in the loop the entire process.

None of the other dealers gave me that. I'm completely impressed as this made me feel like my time and money mattered to them which is a good feeling to have as a consumer. My mother and sisters will be on the market to purchase in the next coming months or so I know exactly who will take the best care of them. Keep up the good work Shaun and the team!

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